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Vicair O2 - Fully machine washable wheelchair cushions

Vicair Vector O2

Vicair Adjuster O2

Vicair Active O2

Vicair O2 is our latest product range innovation, transforming our most popular cushions into fully machine washable wheelchair cushions. The Vicair O2 range has excellent micro climate control, dealing with hygiene related issues such as sweat and incontinence. Due to increased volume the cushions have better immersive qualities, resulting in improved support.

  • Fully machine washable for optimal hygiene
  • 100% Breathable for perfect temperature and moist regulation
  • Unique ‘Solid Shape’ for better immersion

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Outdoor | Self-propelling

My friends are jealous, they also want to take a breather on my cushion

Emma van Riek
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Outdoor | Self-propelling

"Paralympic champions and Vicair wheelchair cushions... a good combination"

Mirjam de Koning-Peper
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Outdoor | Self-propelling

"The spasms have disappeared overnight since I’ve started using the Vicair Vector O2"

Nienke Conijn
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Indoor | Self-propelling

"It was love at first sit! No more pain when sitting and the cushion offered me so much more stability!"

Diana de Vos
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User Stories

Clinical Cases

positioning cushions Vicair Vector O2 wheelchair cushion

Enhancing positioning and maintaining skin integrity, by using Vicair cushions

This case addresses a positioning challenge that was solved using the Vicair Vector O2 and Multifunctional back support cushion.

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Improving skin protection by using Vicair in a rehabilitation setting

Reducing pressure ulcer incidents and saving money in staff maintenance time, by using Vicair cushions.

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Pressure redistribution and stability through immersion on an Adjuster 12

Providing comfort & stable posture all day long, improving participation in daily activities.

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7 March 2019

Vicair at the International Seating Symposium 2019

Where to find Vicair at ISS2019 March 20-22 in Pittsburgh | Attend our Symposium Sessions!

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14 January 2019

#1 position for Vicair Hero Jurgen Boon on new World Ranking list for golfers with disabilities

As of January 1st 2019 there are new ranking lists for golfers with disabilities. Paragolfer & #VicairHero Jurgen Boon is currently #1 on one of them!

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10 January 2019

Ready. Set. Go Nicola! The Dakar Rally 2019 is under way.

The Dakar Rally 2019 is under way, tag along as we update you on our efforts to support Nicola in this adventure.

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